Generalist Vs. Specialist

When mapping out your career goals there are many potential paths to take. Some of us find out quickly where we would like to head while others take our time or end up stumbling into a career. As you begin to figure out what you want with your career you are often faced with this […]

Justin Freid Speaking At SES Chicago

Next week, I’ll be heading to Chicago to speak at SES Chicago. My session will be on Thursday, November 15th at 10:35. The session is called Leveraging Twitter and Facebook Ads and I will be presenting a case study and how to run a successful Twitter advertising campaign. The session will highlight the Florida Blue […]

See Justin Speak At SES San Francisco

Just got the news that I will be speaking at the upcoming SES San Francisco event on August 14th-17th.I’ll be on the panel of Spy Vs. Spy: Competitive Research and will be given tips and explaining tactics to decipher your competitor marketing strategy. I am extremely excited to speak at SES and represent not only […]

Buy A Copy Of Justin’s New Book

One of the goal’s I set out to accomplish was to write a book and thanks to my great relationship with a former manager of mine, Michael Fleischner, I got the opportunity to co-auther my first book while I was still in my mid 20’s. The book is a beginner’s guide to blogging and is […]

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